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The Dance Lives On–Michael Jackson Quote

Are you a dancer? Does Michael Jackson’s resonate with you? Then share! Smile 


Dance schools rely on ClassJuggler’s web-based business software to manage class scheduling, customer billing, online bill pay, and all other “backend” office matters.  Learn more about how ClassJuggler Dance can help you keep your school on its toes!

Does Music Make You Happy?

Indeed for many of Music ClassJuggler clients, music is happiness.

music makes me happy

If you run a music training studio or voice training studio, find more happiness in running your business with the help of Music ClassJuggler,  Music ClassJuggler helps you orchestrate your music school for pitch perfect performance, providing an cloud-based, all-in-one collection of online business management tools that make customer, billing, enrollment, and music class management easy!  Learn more.

Celebrating MLK Day and Celebrating Your Business

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., ClassJuggler offices always close for the Monday remembrance holiday (January 19 this year). 

For product support while we are out of the office, please leave us an e-mail; we’ll return your call on Tuesday.mlk-quote

Starting a business is a faith venture. You, our clients, had the faith and now the tenacity, to launch and grow your dream of a dance studio, gymnastics school, cheerleading school, martial arts academy, swim school, or academics academy. We applaud your faith and your success!

ClassJuggler software takes much of the guesswork and tedium out of running a class-based school.  If you have a business that offers classes and manages schedules and clients, consider getting ClassJuggler’s cloud-based business management software working in the background of your studio, making the business of running your business easier and more professional.  Learn more:

This Makes 10 Years of Service to School Owners

2015 is a big deal for us at ClassJuggler. This January 2015 is our 10-year anniversary of service to the owners of dance schools, cheerleading/gymnastics studios, swim schools, dojos, tennis schools, K-12 academies, and other schools across the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.Celebrating10Years

We are grateful to you, our customers, for making these 10 years one of significant growth, allowing us to become one of the leading online business management software solutions for schools. 

Some of you came to ClassJuggler as a switch from a competitor’s product. You tell us that ClassJuggler’s ease-of-use, product flexibility, and especially our customer service and support are why you made the switch and why you stay with us. We thank you for your words of praise, and look forward to staying with our process of continual product and service improvements that are based on listening to you, our customers.

Are you not yet a customer? Maybe it’s time for you to find out why we continue to grow. The owners of dance schools, gymnastics, swim schools, dojos, tennis, K-12 education, and other schools across the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia trust their business’s “back Smiling woman using tablet PCoffice” management to the broad range of powerful features and tools that ClassJuggler’s web-based business management software gives them. Our school software is designed to help class-based businesses enjoy streamlined customer billing, class scheduling, staff management, customer communications, and more.

Learn more:

Why K12 ClassJuggler Is the Best Way to Get an A+ in Running Your Business

Do you own and operate a a growing preschool, K-12 education program, adult education program, evening learning school, or after-school programs? If so, you are likely already experiencing growth pains, such as:

  • student-teach-PCMore time required to keep on top of billing/invoicing
  • Class scheduling/instructor scheduling overlaps to be managed
  • Trying to be responsive to schedule changes and notifying parents
  • Keeping track of students’ progress
  • Staying on top of student or parent information
  • Managing martial arts build paths
  • Student skills level management taking more time
  • Keeping track of the growing number of martial arts belt systems/groups and belt ranks
  • Handling payment options

Most successful school owner-operators find that, as their business grows, they have less and less time to work with students, and are spending more and more time with the business of managing the business.

It’s for this very reason that we created K-12 ClassJuggler — to help school owners get back to the very thing that got them excited about doing business in the first place – helping their students increase their skills, imageknowledge, and confidence.

The features in will help you excel in academics school operations, empowering you to:

  • Easily manage hundreds or even thousands of student records and customer records.
  • Manage and schedule instructors, staff, and trainers.
  • Easily perform in-depth reporting such as class reports, student reports, customer/parent reports, instructor reports, financial reports, and more.
  • Easily manage recurring bills and membership fees with no double-entry—no entry at all, since ClassJuggler integrates your customers’ payment history and class records with the billing features, so you can bill all of your customers with just a few clicks.
  • Track primary and secondary customer contact information.
  • Get going with no startup costs. Don’t underestimate this one. Some of the available cloud-based class management software programs have enormous upfront fees. We have none.
  • Spend less time managing customer information by letting customers manage it themselves with our Customer Self-Service Center
  • Accept credit card payment for classes.

Here are just some of the features that will make it easy for you to get started and work with ClassJuggler:

  • Low monthly fees. Unlike our competitors, you get gradual, fairly-tiered pricing. It’s just a $5/mo. increase for each additional 150 students—and as your database grows, so does your discount. students-at-desks
  • No tech skills needed. It’s an easy-to-use online environment, designed for those who aren’t computer-savvy.
  • Easy help! ClassJuggler has robust and fully searchable help tools, plus free email or phone support with fast response times.
  • Fast search tools. Locate your customer data fast!
  • FREE upgrades. You’ll never pay for “the latest version” – our online software updates you instantly, and at no cost.
  • No software to install. With ClassJuggler in “the cloud,” i.e., completely online, you get easy access from anywhere, and on any PC, Mac, or mobile device.
  • Easy student assessment. Our assessment tools make tracking progress a breeze, no matter how many students you have.
  • Speedy ground mail.  USPS mail takes no time at all with our mailing label generator, which can create labels based on your customer/student records.
  • Advanced security features. Gain control over which of your employees can or cannot see certain kinds of information, defined by you.

ClassJuggler’s online school management platform supports the unique business needs you face as an owner or operator of a school, helping you gracefully and efficiently manage classes, customers, and students.

To learn more, go to or contact us.