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Our Customer Support Team is Growing

ClassJuggler continues to be the most user-friendly software for creating business efficiencies for dance studios, swim schools, gymnastics schools, cheer camps, academics schools, tennis caps, and martial arts studios. If you are already a ClassJuggler user, you are likely aware of our robust online help guide, our get-started wizard, and our fast-response email and phone support – no doubt why business owners ranked ClassJuggler #1 in customer support satisfaction. And this is also one of the reasons why the ClassJuggler customer base continues to grow.

To remain responsive, we are expanding our customer support service team. Allow us to introduce to you our newest team member Alexia Rodriguez, who began ramping up in August as a customer support agent.Alexia Rodriguez ClassJuggler customer service representative

Alexia has worked for several tech startups in the San Francisco Bay Area in numerous roles such as tech support, customer service liaison, data specialist, and bug reporting, to name just a few. She enjoys the challenge of solving problems and, in doing so, helping customers run a successful business.

When Alexia is not doing customer support, she and her husband are the proud dog parents of several Cane Corsos, a Lowchen, and a rescued German Shorthaired Pointer. They compete with their dogs in shows, agility trials, and Schutzhund competitions.

Please join us in welcoming Alexia to the ClassJuggler family.

And whenever you need customer support, give us a call at (866) 214-6128 or email Support hours are Mon–Fri from 8am–5pm PT.

ClassJuggler’s Merchant Processing Gets Even Better

If you didn’t catch the news in our September newsletter about changes related to our merchant processing (the way we help you accept credit cards and debit cards for payment at your school, including for dance schools, swim schools, cheer/gymnastics schools, martial art schools, and more), read on!

For many years, ClassJuggler’s credit card and debit card processing services were aided by way of CyberSource (our gateway partner) and Global Payments. But in June, CyberSource, who had been recently acquired by Visa, shifted its focus to serving only much larger businesses.

This business model change required us to look for a new partner for our gateway services, one whose services and support match the needs of our customers.

We began our search with our criteria included locating a partner Gateway services company that:

  • Has a strong reputation for customer service
  • Would be no more expensive than our former service.

In late June, we found what we were looking for in Authorize.Net – a company that specializes in gateway services specifically for smaller businesses. ClassJuggler has since become a direct reseller of Authorize.Net. This new gateway provides us with two distinct benefits over CyberSource:

  • ClassJuggler is now able to set up and support Authorize.Net directly for our clients – a notable improvement over CyberSource.
  • Our pricing is after the switchover to Authorize.Net will actually be lower, saving most of our clients another $100 to $120 in fees every year!

Our other notable change is with our merchant account provider. We are moving away from Global Payments and going with First Data Corporation instead for our merchant services.

First Data provides ClassJuggler’s clients with better tools and support for their merchant accounts and has a much simpler application process and generally lower fees.

All good news! Our new package of merchant services will help us provide you, our clients, with better support and services as we, and you, continue to grow.

If you are already using our merchant processing services and have questions about this, please feel free to contact us at (866) 214-6128 or email Our support hours are Mon–Fri from 8am–5pm PT. Also, contact us if you are already using ClassJuggler and wish to upgrade your account to start offering debiting credit card processing services to your school’s customers.

You can learn more about our credit card processing changes or learn these Five Key Reasons to Offer Customers Online Credit Card Payments.

Why SwimClassJuggler Is the Best Way to Keep Your Swim School Paddling Strong

If you own a growing swim school, you are likely already experiencing growth pains, such as:  image

  • Class scheduling/instructor scheduling overlaps to be managed
  • More time required to keep on top of billing/invoicing
  • Keeping track of students’ progress
  • Staying on top of student or parent information
  • Trying to be responsive to schedule changes and notifying parents
  • Handling payment options

Most successful swim school owner-operators find that, as their business grows, they have less and less time to work with students, spending more and more time with the business of managing the business.

It’s for this very reason that we created Swim ClassJuggler — to help swim studio owners get back to the very thing that got them excited about doing business in the first place – helping their students increase their skills and confidence.

The features in Swim ClassJuggler will help you gain the upper hand on your business, empowering you to:

  • Easily manage hundreds or even thousands of student records and customer records.
  • Manage and schedule instructors, staff, and trainers.
  • Easily perform in-depth reporting such as class reports, student reports, customer/parent reports, instructor reports, financial reports, and more.
  • Easily manage recurring bills and membership fees with no double-entry—no entry at all, since ClassJuggler integrates your customers’ payment history and class records with the billing features, so you can bill all of your customers with just a few clicks.
  • Track primary and secondary customer contact information.
  • No startup costs. Don’t underestimate this one. Some of the available online dojo management software programs have enormous upfront fees. We have none.
  • Spend less time managing customer information by letting customers manage it themselves with our Customer Self-Service Center
  • Accept credit card payment for classes.

Smiling woman using tablet PCHere are just a few of the features that will make it easy for you to get started and work with ClassJuggler:

  • Low monthly fees. Unlike our competitors, you get gradual, fairly-tiered pricing. It’s just a $5/mo. increase for each additional 150 students—and as your database grows, so does your discount.
  • No tech skills needed. It’s an easy-to-use online environment, designed for those who aren’t computer-savvy.
  • Easy help! ClassJuggler has robust and fully searchable help tools, plus free email or phone support with fast response times.
  • Fast search tools. Locate your customer data fast!
  • FREE upgrades. You’ll never pay for “the latest version” – our online software updates you instantly, and at no cost.
  • No software to install. With ClassJuggler in “the cloud,” all online, you get easy access from anywhere on any PC, Mac, or from your mobile device. Imagine taking class attendance from your iPad!
  • Easy student assessment. Our assessment tools make tracking progress a breeze, no matter how many students you have. image
  • Speedy ground mail.  Snail mail takes no time at all with our mailing label generator, which can create labels based on your customer/student records.
  • Advanced security features. Gain control over which of your employees can or cannot see certain kinds of information, defined by you.

ClassJuggler’s swim school management platform supports the unique business needs you face as an owner or operator of a swim training business that must gracefully and efficiently manage classes, customers, and students.

To learn more, go to or contact us.