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How to easily change the status of large groups of student/customer records from active to inactive

The Mass Status Change tool within ClassJuggler is a godsend when you need to change the status of large groups of student and customer records from active to inactive. Setting students to inactive status at the end of a session of classes prior to new registrations and class enrollments helps you better organize your student records.


How to Run The Mass Status Change Tool

First, choose whether you want to change the status of students or customers (you can’t do both at the same time).


And then:

  1. Select “All” or a specific Student Group  or  select “All” or a specific Customer Category
  2. If you wish to update students who are registered, but not enrolled in any active classes, to “inactive,” then click the Allow registered students to be made inactive option.
  3. If you wish to exclude customers you wish to make inactive, but who have a current balance due, click the Skip customers with a balance due option.
  4. Click either of the Select buttons to “select” the students and customers in the groups and categories you chose.
  5. You can verify the the students and/or customers that will be updated to “inactive” by clicking the link to “View/Print list of … before updating” before you click Update.
  6. Click on Update to begin the process to change the status of the selected customers or students.
  7. Review the confirmation screen and then click Yes to continue or No to cancel.

It’s that simple!  But if you need help using this tool, there’s a more detailed answer in the program’s Help files, or just contact us and we can walk you through it.  

How to Use the Inactive Record Manager

Within ClassJuggler, you’ll find a handy tool called the Inactive Record Manager, which lets you to perform mass deletions of customer or student records based on how long they have been inactive.

Why deleting inactive records is smart

Over time your school will accumulate a lot of data on customers and students who are no longer using your business. This data adds effort for you to sift through to get to current client information . And, over time, the extra data may slow down your searches and listings for customers and students.

Good news though: Deleting old “Inactive” and “Prospect” customers and students is easy, and will help keep your ClassJuggler running smoothly and efficiently.

Here’s what the tool looks like:

Figure 1 – Inactive Record Manager

How to Use The Inactive Record Manager

The process is simple and quick:

  1. Enter an inactive prior to date, or use the default value already entered, which is “6-months prior to today’s date and click Select to set that date:
  2. The tool then displays a list of customers who are in Inactive status, along with a total count. If there are no customers who were inactive prior to the date you entered, you will see a message stating none were found.
  3. Next, you will see a list of students who are in Inactive status along with a total count. If there are no students who were inactive prior to the date you entered, you will see a message stating none were found.
  4. You can view and print the list of customers (and students) or just students who can be deleted for your records prior to actually deleting them.
  5. You may then select to delete these records by clicking Delete on the customer or student group you wish to delete.

NOTE: Deleting customer records will also delete any students who are a part of that customer records (i.e., not just the parent but the parent’s children too) and all other associated data (including: transactions, attendance, class history, skills etc.).  On the other hand, deleting student records will leave the customer records untouched.

And don’t worry – you’ll be asked to verify your delete choice with two confirmations to ensure you haven’t accidently clicked on delete, which is good because ALL DELETES ARE FINAL AND CANNOT BE UNDONE.

Customers & Students

Choosing this selection Deletes all selected customers in your list of results, plus all associated customer information, such as transactions. It also Deletes all associated student records for each customer in your list (including info on their class history, attendance, skills, martial arts history, etc.).


Choosing this option Deletes all selected student records and related student data, including class history, attendance, skills, martial arts history, etc. but not the parent/customer information to which they belong.

Need help using this tool? Contact us and we can walk you through it.