Online service trumps DVD software, hands down!

Is online software, like ClassJuggler, the better solution for class-based businesses, or is it better to buy traditional disc-based or downloadable software programs?

The truth is, traditional software solutions are a pain, relatively, requiring you to buy software discs that you own – and could potentially lose.  Other problems with disk-based or on-your-PC-based software:

  • You often must go through difficult installation procedures..
  • You will likely pay extra money to use the software on multiple PCs.
  • You normally must pay again for every product upgrade.
  • You risk losing important business data when a hard drive fails or your computer is stolen.
  • The software you need may not be availably on your mobile device – the tool of choice for many small business studio owners and for instructors.

There’s a better way! Most Internet-based online services offer the smarter, cheaper, safer solution. Here’s how, based on how ClassJuggler works:

  • No software to install—ClassJuggler works with your Web browser.  Anywhere you have online access, you have ClassJuggler at the ready.
  • Never fear losing data—ClassJuggler keeps your software and data “in the cloud,” not on your computer. It’s safe and secure on state-of-the-art secure servers, backed up nightly.  And relax knowing ClassJuggler has a history of reliable uptime currently at 99.99918% over a 10-year period.
  • Free and painless updates!—Online solutions, such as ClassJuggler, improve with new features and functionality, and yet with no charge or effort to upgrade. The upgrades happen instantly, invisibly; new features and functionality are available the next time you sign in, with no updates needed to your PC.
  • Access even without your PC!—With your data stored on online servers, it means you can get into your password-protected ClassJuggler account anytime and anywhere.
  • No platform limitations—Many online programs such as ClassJuggler are compatible with either Windows PC or Macintosh™ compatible, and may even work with your iPad®, iPhone®, or Android™ tablet.

To learn more about ClassJuggler’s features, go to

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