Great new improvements for ClassJuggler in September

Coming this month is the new release ClassJuggler 6.6.2. In it, you’ll find improvements to existing features, as well as several new features. Here’s a teaser of what to expect.

New Features:

  • Mass-Delete Classes: dance - so excited
    ClassJuggler already saves you time by auto-archiving old classes when their end dates pass while keeping the class history available – useful when you need to research prior enrollment or attendance history. But if you’ve built up dozens or hundreds of expired, canceled or inactive classes that you no longer want tracked, the new Mass Class Delete tool makes it easy to select one, dozens, or hundreds of classes to delete in one fell swoop!
  • Mass E-mail Multiple Classes:
    It’s so easy to send an e-mail in ClassJuggler to all parents who have a child in a chosen class. But there are times when you need to send the same email to the parents of multiple classes. Now you can e-mail one class or dozens of classes, all at the same time, using the new e-mail Multiple Classes communications tool.
  • Deposit Summary Report:
    This new report makes generating a daily or monthly deposit summary list drop-dead easy. These summary reports can be used for deposits to your bank for cash and checks, and will be useful for reconciling ClassJuggler with your bank and merchant account statements and your accounting software.


  • Class Listings
    The Class Listing screen shows a lot of information at a glance about all of your scheduled classes. You also have a bevy of filters for searching for a specific class in dozens of ways. With the new release, the class list screen will also be able to show happyChick-orig - Copyclasses sorted in the order of day and time.

    By default, all classes now will be sorted by the primary sort field you choose, such as “class name,” and then by day and start time. You can even choose a new sort option that allows you to look at your class listing by day, time, and then name to see your entire weekly class schedule at a glance. We know you’re gonna love this new requested feature.

  • Quick Payment Input After Charge
    We’ve added a new button to the Input Charge screen to allow for payment collection immediately after creating a new charge – a simple enhancement that will save you time!

And remember: since ClassJuggler school software is online, the entire upgrade happens seamlessly – no work on your part!

Responsiveness – the key to customer satisfaction

At a recent gymnastics conference we attended to introduce ClassJuggler to potential new customers, we got to hear from newly signing customers on what made us “stand out” for them among competing products in the field of gymnastics school management software. One theme that drew them: RESPONSIVENESS.

Nearly half of the new customers signing up were switching from other providers, which is interesting.  It’s one thing to acquire a new cheer or gymnastics studio customer who is switching from pen-and-paper bookkeeping and management – a slam-dunk to demonstrate the benefits.  But it’s a whole different thing to get new customers who were already using a different gymnastics/cheerleading software product.

We often hear from new customers what we heard at this event – that school owners have too little time in the day to deal with an unresponsive service provider. And our reputation for customer service and quick response times apparently preceded our arrival at the conference.  This reputation, along with our in-person product demonstrations, prompted them to switch to ClassJuggler. We are grateful! – and we work hard daily to maintain that reputation.

But you don’t need to just take our word for it:

These are just some of the reasons that Cheer ClassJuggler for gymnastics schools and cheer camps is growing and growing.

In ClassJuggler, Hovering Is Your Friend!

ClassJuggler tracks a phenomenal amount of data about every type of record in your database, including classes, students, parents, and instructor data. But due to limits of screen size and practicality, we help you by only showing a subset of that data in listings.

But there is a trick to seeing much more!

Any listing column may have additional information hidden in it, easily revealed though right when you need it. Simply hover your mouse over it.

Here’s an example: When you’re looking at a student record, what you see is this:


But if you hover over the class name – in this case, Ballroom Beg. – more info on that class suddenly pops up:


To find these helpful popups, Just look for any column cell that has a little green dog-ear in the upper left corner.:


That little green symbol means there is more info that you can see while hovering your mouse.

Give it a try on the last or first name columns on the Customer Listing screen. Or try the Class Name column on Class Listings. There’s a bevy of extra info without even clicking into the maintenance pages for those records.

The hovering feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Tip: Browse customer transactions screens quick-n-easy!

Here’s a fun tip for ClassJuggler users. To browse your Customer Transactions screens quickly, or to flip through all Credit/Debit Card Manager pages for your customers, all you need to do is use the Prev Rec and Next Rec buttons at the top of the left menu allows you to move alphabetically through your customer records.

This works similarly on Customer, Student, Instructor, and Class Menus. In each case, take advantage of these Forward and Back buttons to remain on the same screen.

This is incredibly useful when you need to review a lot of records, whether it be reviewing agreed policies on the Maintenance Page 2 screen, or looking at account activity on the Customer Transactions screen. 

The Prev Rec and Next Rec browsing feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Use ClassJuggler to easily celebrate your students’ birthdays

The Student Birthdays tool in ClassJuggler makes it super-easy to honor that most important of dates in the lives of your individual students: their birthday! With ClassJuggler, you need never forget.

It’s easy to see which students have birthdays in a given month from throughout commonly visited screens throughout ClassJuggler:

  • The Home Base screen
  • Student listings
  • Records

But how about a way to easily send a special birthday email to your students whose birthdays are coming up? No problem! Here’s how.

  1. From the Student sidebar menu, select eMail Birthday Students.:


2. From here, you can either generate a report of the students whose birthdays fall in your chosen month OR you can generate an email that is sent to the parents of each student with a birthday in your chosen month:


3. For a smaller school, simply click this button at the bottom:


3a. For a larger school, optionally filter your list and sort it using any of these defining characteristics:


The Student Birthdays feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Use the Registration Manager to mass-expire student registrations

Do you have a specific Student group in which you want the registrations to all expire on the same day? Or maybe you want to manually expire all your registrations just before or after your summer sessions. Then it’s time to use your ClassJuggler Registration Manager tool, which allows you to easily mass-expire your student registrations. 

From your TOOLS menu select Registration Manager:


From the Registration Manager screen, you can select a specific end date and a student group. Enter a registration cutoff end date and use the selector to select a group of students you wish to expire registrations.

ClassJuggler then displays the number of students that would be affected by the date you select. Clicking on the “Expire” button will then automatically expire all affected student registrations:


The Registration Manager feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Get the most from the “Customer Self Service Center Monitor” tool!

While the Self-Service Monitor feature isn’t hidden in ClassJuggler, it’s often overlooked or under-utilized. This short article helps you get the most from it.

The Self-Service Monitor helps you track all activities of your customers (usually the parents of your students) as they register and use the Customer Self-Service Center.

You’ll find this ClassJuggler power tool under your TOOLS menu:


You can see every step each customer took throughout your Self Service Center.

This can be extremely helpful in situations like: “I tried to make a payment but I’m not sure if it went through.”

By searching for that customer’s name in the Self-Service Monitor, you can see in a flash exactly where they left off and if a payment was processed. Just as easily, you can see every other action they made during their session. 

The Self-Service Monitor tool is available in all our school software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it.