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If you are a regular customer, you know that we regularly give live webinars to help you gain tips and tricks to get the most from your ClassJuggler usage. But if you miss a webinar, it’s no biggie; just visit our YouTube® channel, where you will find our ever-growing library of helpful video tutorials, recorded from our live webinars!

YouTube-channelJust visit the ClassJuggler YouTube Channel to watch any or all of the growing library of ClassJuggler tutorial videos. Here’s a few recent ones you may have missed:

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Fitness Business Software with Best Customer Service

September is our customer-appreciation month – the perfect time to show how very grateful we are for the kind words from our biggest fans: our customers!

kudos Aline Exploration Movement

Amazing company with the BEST personalized customer service!” says Aline, director of Exploration Movement.

Thank you, Aline!

Find out more about Exploration Movement here.

Find out more about our ClassJuggler Fitness software here or ClassJuggler Dance here — the best way to keep your class-based-business’ operations in tip top shape!

ClassJuggler Customers: Time to Get PCI Compliant!

We have received communications from CardConnect, alerting us that several of our customers are presently not PCI compliant. If you are not in compliance, you likely received an email from CardConnect (usually every two weeks if you’re out of compliance) about this noncompliance status with the following message:

Your annual PCI compliance status requires attention!

It is important that you fix this compliance issue ASAP. We explain why here.

What email??

We suspect that those of you who did not respond or take action to the CardConnect email, urging you to change your PCI compliance status, may have not done so for one of these reasons:

    • You are not aware of the implications/risks of being noncompliant, and therefore have not chosen to take action.
    • You chose to not respond to the email (or may even have moved it to your junk folder) because you did not know who CardConnect is and aren’t familiar with CardPointe product logo that they used in the email:
    • Your email program may have wrongly identified the email from CardConnect as junk mail, and so you would not have seen the message at all unless you regularly check your junk mail folder.

If you think it’s possible that it could have ended up in your junk mail folder, do a search in your email program’s junk folder for, which is the name of the sender.

But who is CardConnect anyway?

CardConnect is a provider of payment processing and technology services. It is one of the companies we use to handle credit and debit card payment processing when you sign up for and use ClassJuggler merchant processing services.


In other words, even if you don’t know it, you are a CardConnect customer if you use our merchant processing services.

Why do I need to pay attention to the email?

We get it: As a class-based business owner, you no doubt get 200 emails a day, and likely feel overwhelmed because you are busy teaching 80 students at your business every day! In fact, our experience tells us that most merchants have no idea what PCI compliance is or why they need to be compliant.  Nonetheless, PCI compliance is critical. Here’s why:

As a CardConnect merchant, you are required to complete an annual Payment Card Industry self-assessment to ensure your business is following the guidelines that all merchants who accept credit and debit payments must comply with.  This is a once-a-year assessment. Failure to maintain PCI compliance can result in a monthly penalty fee or suspension of your merchant account.

How do I fix my noncompliance status?

If you are reluctant to click on a link within an email of a company that you are not thoroughly familiar with, we understand. Good news is, there is another way to check your PCI compliance status and to take the steps necessary to become compliant if you are not.

    1. Log into your CardPointe® merchant portal, or go to to register directly on the Trustwave site and begin your business’ Self-Assessment Questionnaire and/or PCI scans.
    2. On your dashboard page (the page you land on after login) you should be able to see on that screen whether or not you are currently compliant.
    3. If you are compliant, go take a coffee break — you are set!
    4. If your status shows as COMPLIANCE STATUS: INCOMPLETE, then click on the BEGIN button on the dashboard page to complete your PCI Self-Assessment Questionnaire online.  Use ClassJuggler’s nifty step-by-step guide found on your ClassJuggler HOME BASE screen to help you answer the self-assessment questions.

You have the 3-month grace period once “boarded” to get your compliance in order, and CardConnect can assist you through their Merchant Support number: 877-828-0720.

Alternatively, you can email for support.  Their associates can also assist with Trustwave registration and user settings, password resets, linking of multiple locations for the same merchant, and uploading compliance certificates.

Who is ClassJuggler?

If you are not currently a ClassJuggler customer, and you own or operate a class-based business, juggling balls biggerhere is how you can find out more about ClassJuggler’s online software solutions dedicated to class-based businesses:

Authorize.Net Snafu

Update – Authorize.Net Refund Issues

If you process credit or debit card payments, please read this announcement.

We at ClassJuggler have heard in the last several days from a number of our clients (dance studio owners, cheer/gymnastics studio owners, music schools, swim schools, K-12 and martial arts schools) that Authorize.Net is experiencing issues with their ability to let its merchant customers process refunds to their customers, causing a great deal of frustration.

The issue may appear to be coming from ClassJuggler’s software, since we provide merchant processing services within ClassJuggler, but the problem is actually from, one of the nation’s biggest payment gateway service providers, and the gateway service provider that we use. The problem is likely widespread, affecting thousands or even millions of businesses around the globe. estimates that they will have the ECC refunding issue resolved by the end of this week (June 23).

WORKAROUND: How to process your customers’ refunds

Until has resolved their issues, we’ve put together some brief instructions you can use as a business owner to process refunds directly from the Authorize.Net gateway.2019-06-19_13-35-09

Download a PDF of our step-by-step instructions here.

Following these steps will allow you to process any of the important refunds you have that cannot wait until the Visa team is able to correct the issue with their Authorize.Net gateway service.

Thanks for your patience!

—The ClassJuggler Support team

“Staff Portal” — The Flag Ship Feature of Our New Product Release

Your Instructors Will Love This New Feature!

One popular client feature request — in fact the top requested feature from a 2018 survey of ClassJuggler clients — is now live on ClassJuggler: the Staff Portal.

We have big plans beyond this initial launch. But there is much to value in this first iteration. It is, and will be, included in the basic ClassJuggler product, therefore staff_portalFREE for all clients. This first release is focused on the needs of instructors and the information they need most, but all administrative users of ClassJuggler will have access to the Staff Portal.

Here are the out-of-the-gate big 3 features already available to you since its April launch.

  1. PORTABILITY: The Staff Portal gives your instructors and other staff 100% mobile-friendly access to key ClassJuggler features. It works on your smartphone, so you can access these targeted features without a Wi-Fi connection — particularly handy if the staff member is working remotely.
  2. STAFF PORTAL DASHBOARD: The Staff Portal’s “dashboard” feature is a kind of launchpad for all that the staff member can do from their mobile device. In this release, it includes a news page for staff updates and important announcements, and will show the instructor’s next classes for today and tomorrow from their schedule.
  3. INSTRUCTOR TOOLS: Your instructors will not only be able to view lists of all assigned classes and view class details, class enrollees, and class attendance screens, but will also have the ability to enter class attendance directly from their phones, and in an interface optimized for mobile devices!

Even though this feature was designed for the smallest of common interfaces — smartphones — it will also look and work great on tablets and full-sized computers.

You can access the Staff Portal from the same sign-in screen you use to sign in to ClassJuggler. Just click the “Go to Staff Portal sign-in” link at the bottom of the sign-in screen:staff portal sign in screen

The staff portal is available to ALL our clients, including those using:

We look forward to your input on how the new Staff Portal works for you, and expect more Staff Portal features to come later this year!

ClassJuggler customers – 1000 and counting!

announcement iconAs ClassJuggler continues to grow, serving an ever-increasing number of class-based businesses, we are proud to announce the recent signing on of our 1000th customer!

We crossed that 1000 customer mark just as we began our 14th year of service to dance studios, cheer and gymnastics schools, swim schools, music schools,cj-jugglingballs K-12 programs and schools, martial arts academies, tennis camps and a host of other class-based businesses across the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.

ClassJuggler’s president and founder Jon Koerber shared this: jon at IDEA 2016“It is an honor to know that we have helped a thousand businesses in four countries to be stronger and more efficient in running their businesses, so that they can put their focus right where they wanted: on their students. We look forward to welcoming the next 1000 customers!”

Introducing Anar, Customer ID 1000

DSC_9415 Lo-rezAnar Mehta, owner of the iCode franchise for Allen/Fairview, Texas, has the unique distinction of holding ClassJuggler’s customer ID number of 1000. We are sending her an Amazon gift certificate for $100 to honor this event.

We asked Anar to tell us a little about her experience with using ClassJuggler. She said, “I’ve only just begun with ClassJuggler and I’ve been most impressed by their customer support. As I start up, it’s always been good to be able to touch base easily, to reach them immediately and get any questions I have answered ASAP.”DSC_9432 cropped

ICode, one of several franchise organizations that we support, is a leader in computer science education, striving to enrich the educational experience and capability of tomorrow’s workforce by giving students the technical expertise, cognitive flexibility and real-world skills to be tomorrow’s exceptional talent. Learn more about iCode at and on Facebook at

Learn more about Anar’s Texas-based iCode business at

We are grateful to Anar – and to you, all our customers – for making it possible for us to become one of the leading online business management software solutions for schools.

Get more info on how ClassJuggler supports the business needs of franchises.

Fifth Fastest Growing Small Business Merchant Account Reseller

If you are a ClassJuggler customer who is using our optional upgrade to merchant processing services, you know who CardConnect is – the company we have partnered with to serve as the provider of our merchant services (including PCI compliance). We just found out this week that we were awarded as one of their top small business merchant accounts for growth – an honor Image may contain: 1 person, drink and indoormade possible by the increasing numbers of you, our customers,  who have upgraded your ClassJuggler account to include merchant processing.

The title of the award is “5th best quarterly growth for small business merchant accounts.”

We are grateful to you for the growth of this part of our business, and not just because of the bottle of prosecco that CardConnect sent us. 

If you are a customer who is not yet using our merchant processing services for schools, read more to find out why so many other schools are doing it.

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