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Enjoy security and control access your way!

When you’re running a business, nothing is more important than the safety and control of your data. With ClassJuggler’s software for schools and studios, we respect that! We protect your school’s data from improper access, from corruption, viruses, and more. We also give you powerful administrative controls to define system access.

Your school’s data is safe with us

ClassJuggler protects your records using the same data encryption used by,, Dean and Deluca, and other major online merchants.

Sophisticated user security controls are in your hands

Our Advanced User Security system gives you complete control over what access you want to allow or disallow to each of your administrative users.

Set custom user roles

Easily create custom “roles” in ClassJuggler that limit what screens and reports users can access.

For example:

  • Create an instructor role, limited to managing attendance, skills, and class enrollment.
  • Create a bookkeeper role, providing but limiting access to financial screens and reports.
  • Or set up a receptionist role with view-only access.

Control access to specific details

ClassJuggler also lets you create role access rules, such as specifying add, update, delete, or view permissions.

For example, you can limit your employees’ access to a customer’s credit card account information while allowing contact information access.

Specify permitted computers

This unique security feature lets you control/limit access to your ClassJuggler administration from a designated computer, or on designated days and times.

The ClassJuggler security system has over 90 specific privileges, each with four individual access levels. And we’re adding more privileges all the time.

Already a ClassJuggler user? Then find specific instructions for configuring your school’s security profiles here:

Not yet using ClassJuggler’s school or studio business management software for your business? Learn more about ClassJuggler at:

In ClassJuggler, Hovering Is Your Friend!

ClassJuggler tracks a phenomenal amount of data about every type of record in your database, including classes, students, parents, and instructor data. But due to limits of screen size and practicality, we help you by only showing a subset of that data in listings.

But there is a trick to seeing much more!

Any listing column may have additional information hidden in it, easily revealed though right when you need it. Simply hover your mouse over it.

Here’s an example: When you’re looking at a student record, what you see is this:


But if you hover over the class name – in this case, Ballroom Beg. – more info on that class suddenly pops up:


To find these helpful popups, Just look for any column cell that has a little green dog-ear in the upper left corner.:


That little green symbol means there is more info that you can see while hovering your mouse.

Give it a try on the last or first name columns on the Customer Listing screen. Or try the Class Name column on Class Listings. There’s a bevy of extra info without even clicking into the maintenance pages for those records.

The hovering feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Tip: Browse customer transactions screens quick-n-easy!

Here’s a fun tip for ClassJuggler users. To browse your Customer Transactions screens quickly, or to flip through all Credit/Debit Card Manager pages for your customers, all you need to do is use the Prev Rec and Next Rec buttons at the top of the left menu allows you to move alphabetically through your customer records.

This works similarly on Customer, Student, Instructor, and Class Menus. In each case, take advantage of these Forward and Back buttons to remain on the same screen.

This is incredibly useful when you need to review a lot of records, whether it be reviewing agreed policies on the Maintenance Page 2 screen, or looking at account activity on the Customer Transactions screen. 

The Prev Rec and Next Rec browsing feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

Positive Client Feedback from Recent Survey

We are super-grateful to the many ClassJuggler customers that participated in the recent TutuTix survey of dance studio software providers. The input in general helps us to see where we are tops and how to prioritize our continuous product improvements.

And specifically, we are grateful for the mounds of positive feedback on ClassJuggler you provided! Here’s a sample:

TutuTix CJ feedback

Customer service is something we pride ourselves in, because we know that customer support is important to you, our customers.

If you are not yet a customer, learn more about how we can help your class-based business with our cloud-based class management software for schools.

Feature Highlight: Connect With Customers via Text

Have you tried ClassJuggler’s built-in texting tool? This highly customizable tool makes it easy to get timely messages to all or a subset of your customers.

And here’s some extra good news; while some of our competitors charge per message for their clients to use their messaging tool, the ClassJuggler messaging tool is totally free to any client, no matter how many students you have! This happens when the competitor is using a 3rd party to provide the text service, which adds not only cost but the complexity of having two vendors to deal with, rather than the convenience of working with a class-based business software provider like ClassJuggler.

Parent/Student Text Messaging Benefitstext-hand - LOW

Text messaging is especially useful to you as a school owner or manager when you need to get a special, time-sensitive message to your customers or students. While many of your customers won’t check their e-mail regularly, it’s hard for them to miss an incoming text message to their smart phone.

Here are some examples of the kind of message that can benefit from the ‘push” of SMS messaging:

  • A sudden schedule change (such as a weather-related closure or unexpected schedule adjustment)
  • An important reminder (“Don’t forget to bring your costume tonight”)
  • A message to select parents (late payment notice, class-specific parent meeting, etc.)

Customize your message recipient list for primo customer service

Don’t you hate getting a text message that doesn’t apply to you? That’s why your customers will appreciate the fact that you can filter your text message recipient list by certain attributes so that it only goes to the right audience for the communication.

For example, you can specify that a particular message be delivered only to:

  • Students or parents of a specific class
  • Classes the meet on a certain day or date
  • Customers who have been with your school for X number of years
  • Active students
  • Parents whose children attend a singe class

ClassJuggler’s text messaging tool allows you to pinpoint your audience, which makes your messages more likely to be appreciated. 

For example, we mentioned targeting only parents whose children attend a singe class with a text message. You do this simply by selecting the class you want to work with, then choosing Send Class SMS Text from the Class menu: 


This let’s you or your admin target only those parent of classes affected on a particular day.

How to send an SMS text message from your school to customers

To get the full scoop on the handy ClassJuggler SMS Messaging tool:

  • Look for it here within ClassJuggler after you log in:
    sms text path
  • Take the next SMS Messaging webinar when one is scheduled.
  • Use our robust ClassJuggler Help to learn about SMS Messaging.

Not a ClassJuggler client yet? Learn about how our ClassJuggler products can help your school to run efficiently:

Or simply contact us directly and we can answer your questions. 

Franchiser FUN BUS Partners With ClassJuggler

FUN BUS Franchises Nationwide to Use ClassJuggler Business Management Software

We’re pleased to announce that ClassJuggler has just added FUN BUS to its roster of franchise businesses that are using ClassJuggler as the business management software for its franchisees throughout the country. imageFUN BUS is a growing and dynamic business, and we look forward to supporting them with our cloud-based software. The nature of their mobile, transformed school buses and fitness-focused franchises makes an always-available online solution such as ClassJuggler a perfect match for them.

We asked Stacey Kimmins, President of FUN BUS, about her decision to choose ClassJuggler. She said, “After our nationwide search for the ideal business management software vendor to meet our needs and those of our individual franchise owners, ClassJuggler emerged as the product with the right user-friendly capabilities,”

She added, “We were also influenced in our decision for ClassJuggler by the company’s reputation for customer service and years of experience working with franchises.”

We hope to further solidify that reputation with the way we engage with the FUN BUS franchise owners.  We’ve been providing such services – to both franchises and individual class-based businesses (such as dance studios, swim schools, cheer/gymnastics schools, and K12 and after-school enrichment programs) – for 10 years  now, We will immediately begin rolling out our service and training to each of the FUN BUS franchises.

More on FUN BUS:

Located throughout the United States, each FUN BUS franchise uses a mobile bus to literally deliver a combination of fun and fitness to schools, parties, and other neighborhood venues. FUN BUS seeks to enhance children’s lives by building self-esteem while perfecting coordination and motor skills in a structured, positive and safe environment.

The Fun Bus interactive fitness program introduces fitness in a fun format for children. FUN BUS offers affordable franchise operations to individuals interested in operating a FUN BUS in their own neighborhood.

If you’re a franchise business owner or franchise operator, learn more about our franchise business software, or contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Jon Koerber, President and CEO, ClassJuggler

Modifying Browser Pop-up Blockers to Optimize for ClassJuggler

A common support call we get go something like this:

“When I click on an action button, nothing happens. What’s wrong?”

Our first question to the users is always:

When you logged into ClassJuggler today, did you see an alert on your Home Base screen letting you know your pop-up blocker is enabled?”

And the common reply:

“Yes, but I just close that message…”

One of the many ways we communicate with you, our ClassJuggler users is to display an alert or confirmation window when you log in – messages important to your ClassJuggler usage – and other messages to confirm certain critical actions you’re about to take. For example, we use a popup message when you’re voiding a payment or deleting a customer record to request that you verify this permanent action. However, if you have a browser pop-up blocker enabled, it can cause confusion and make it seem like ClassJuggler is not working because that confirmation window simply doesn’t appear.

In fact, we get many support calls from problems with using ClassJuggler when the problem is simply the way Web browser software settings are marked, blocking ClassJuggler’s alerts and confirmation windows.

Fortunately, it’s easy for you to identify the cause of the problem, because ClassJuggler detects when you have pop-up blocking enabled and presents you with a warning like this when you sign-in:

Unfortunately, if you don’t read this alert and just close this message, you’ll likely miss important process-related pop-ups from us.

Disable Your Pop-Up Blocker

Disabling your pop-up blocker in Safari or Firefox is easy and will fix your problems in a jiffy.

Disabling your pop-up blocker on Mac OSX:

The pop-up blocker settings are always under Preferences, which you find by clicking the Safari or Firefox menu just to the right of your apple menu.

In Safari, go to the security tab and uncheck the pop-blocker setting.

On Firefox, go to the content menu and choose the “exceptions” button to the right of the block pop-ups checkbox and add “” as an exception to the list.

Disabling your pop-up blocker on Firefox for Windows

1. Click on the “hamburger” menu on the far right of your browser window:


2. Select to the content menu

3. Choose the exceptions button to the right of the Block pop-ups checkbox

4. Add “” as an exception to the list. Then, when using ClassJuggler, the popup messages won’t be blocked by your browser.

Important: Other Web browsers, such Internet Explorer and Chrome are not supported, so use at your own risk.

These popup message features are available in all our ClassJuggler products, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it.