Will the studio business management software I choose generate new business?

You might be surprised by this question – “Will the studio business management software I choose generate new business?” But the answer is, Quite possibly yes! That is, if you choose the right software with the right features.

When you initially consider investing in a desktop or cloud-based studio management software solution, top priorities for most school/studio owners or managers are usually related to the backend benefits – being able to run reports, managing customer records, email billing capabilities, etc. But there are certain features you should think about that can actually boost your business. For instance:

  • Customer self-signup for classes – if the software product includes features that you can install on your website that make it possible for students or their parents to sign up for scheduled classes, this not only saves you a lot of time (the backend benefit), but allows the customer to feel “in control” of the experience. It lets them browse and choose classes in their own time, from the comfort of their home or office, and when they want to do it – even if that’s 1 o’clock in the morning! This kind of customer empowerment can boost business.
  • Online customer self-pay and profile management. Some business management software programs (like ClassJuggler’s suite of business solutions for dance studios, gymnastics/cheer schools, dojos, tennis camps, K-12 and acting signinschools) make it possible for your customers to go to your website and log into their own account to add a new phone number, and address change, or even to pay for classes. such services not only save you lots of time (the backend benefit) but makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. Advertising these features in brochures, on your website, and on your social media sites can make your school look – and be! – more professional, which will make you more competitive in your market.
  • Merchant processing. Some software programs designed to help you run your studio will partner with merchant processing service companies – companies that make it possible for you to accept credit cards and debit cards for payment from your customers. If your business software service provider has such a relationship, accepting online payments from your customers can be a seamless, affordable process. Since most people do business using credit cards or electronic payments these days (rather than just cash or checks) you will be removing a “barrier to entry” – that is, getting rid of something that might block a potential customer from signing on. Merchant processing services can also help you retain your current customers, thanks to the ease of doing business with you that electronic payments allow.

This is why I recommend that you consider these three features – credit card processing, customer self service, and online class signup – as critical to the selection criteria for your studio’s business software provider.  Such features can actually grow your business!

The question “Will the studio business management software I choose generate new business?” is just one of five critical questions to ask when you’re trying to decide if and when to invest in business software for your school.  Learn about the other questions here.


Jon Koerber, President, ClassJuggler


PS: If you are ready to get started with a business software program that can give your studio the above capabilities, we can help! Check out our family of products:

  • ClassJuggler Dance – online dance school software that will save you tons of time and money on the business of running your business, so you can focus on your students
  • CheerClassJuggler – online gymnastics and cheer management software designed to streamline your gymnastics school or cheer camp operations
  • ClassJuggler Dojo – a martial arts school management platform designed to support the operational challenges of a dojo
  • SwimClassJuggler – cloud-based swim school management software designed to support the  needs of those who own and operate swimming schools, water rescue classes, life guard schools, and diver training schools
  • MusicClassJuggler – all-in-one online business management tools for music centers, including customer, academics, and music class management
  • K12ClassJuggler – a management platform for easing the busy schedules of owners and operators or preschools, K-12 education, adult education programs, evening learning schools, night classes, and after-school programs
  • ClassJugglerFitness – Business software for athletics schools, fitness centers, spin classes, yoga sessions, and tennis camps

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