Take advantage of our webinars!

I’m often surprised when talking with clients during a support call and mention an existing ClassJuggler report or feature that would be perfect for solving that client’s needs. The response is often, “Wow, that’s perfect, when did you guys add that feature?”, to which I often reply, “Seven years ago…”

In today’s busy world, you may feel too busy to take the time to learn the things that can make your life or job easier – even though you know it will ultimately save you more time. But one of the easiest ways to educate yourself and your staff to get the most out of your ClassJuggler account is by attending our twice-monthly Webinars.

These sessions, usually just 30 to 60 minutes, are free and cover all sorts of features and capabilities in our software that can make your life easier.Smiling woman using tablet PC It’s simple to participate, and even fun!  You’ll need a computer or web-enabled mobile to device to see what we’re demonstrating, and you’ll need a phone to call in for the audio and to participate with questions.

Check out our Webinar schedule in each month’s newsletter.

Send us topics YOU would like to see for our next Webinars

We do our best to choose Webinar topics that are important and useful for our clients, but it’s really you we would like to hear from. Suggest topics you’d like us to cover at our education address: education@classjuggler.com.

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