The Scoop on Applying Payments or Credits Manually in ClassJuggler

Question: How do I apply “one-off” customer transactions that won’t fit the automatic payment management procedures that I normally use?

Answer: Use ClassJuggler’s “Manually Apply Payments and Credits” feature!

ClassJuggler’s built-in accounting system automatically applies payments and credits to open charges by default, making it drop-dead easy to manage and track which students have or haven’t yet paid for their enrolled class. But sometimes a unique payment or account crediting situation arises.

With the Apply Payments & Credits Manually setting enabled on the  preferences screen (Preferences > ClassJuggler Features when you’re logged in), your administrator can choose how to apply payments and credits to open charges. This is especially useful if your business has flexible payment plans or very specific needs for how payments and credits are recorded.

You can choose to manually apply payments or credits when your enter new payments and credits or when clicking on an existing payment or credit that has not yet been fully applied to open transactions.

Applying payments and credits to open transactions are essentially the same process – ClassJuggler lists an open charge with its “unpaid” amount, allowing an administrator to assign part or all of a payment or credit in order to apply payment to and “close” the open transactions.

Need to identify payments and credits across all of your customers that have not been fully applied?  No problem – just use the Reports > Financial Reports > Unapplied Payment and Credits report to help.

The way to manually apply a new payment or credit:

Simply enter the payment or credit information as you would normally. Once the amount has been entered into the amount field, ClassJuggler will be able to help calculate the split payments or credits you wish to enter.

That’s it.  You’re done.

For an example, see Figure 1 below, where we’ve have entered a new check payment in the amount of $20.00. If there are open (unpaid) charges in the customer’s account, you will see these open transactions listed beneath the payment form:

Figure 1 – Manually applying a new payment

You have two options for applying the $20 payment amount you are recording to those open transactions:

  1. Automatically apply the payment or credit – If you want ClassJuggler to automatically split the payment across the open charges, simply click on the “Automatically apply split payments” checkbox. This will apply the payment to the oldest open transactions first and continue until the total amount has been used or there are no more open transactions.
  2. Manually apply the payment or credit – If you want to choose how to split the payment or credit amongst the open transactions, follow the instructions below.

There are two ways to enter a split amount into the Amounts to Apply column:

  1. Click on an amount field in the “Amounts to Apply” column (as shown in figure 1), and ClassJuggler will enter the unpaid amount (or the remaining un-applied amount left) for you, or;
  2. Tab to a field and type an exact amount you wish to apply to certain open transactions. If you decide you want to start over and clear out all of the applied amount split entries, simply click on the clear split amounts action link just above the “Amounts to Apply” column.

As you click-enter or type your applied amount splits, the applied amount and remaining unapplied amount will be recalculated after each entry just at the bottom of the “Amounts to Apply” column at the bottom of the list of open charges.

NOTE: – When entering a new payment or credit, you do not have to apply all or any of the amount if you do not want to. For example, you could enter a $100 payment and apply only $10 of it to an open transaction leaving the other $90 for later use – even if additional open transactions exist.

This article is just a highlight explanation of the manually applied credit or payment features.  Our help files within ClassJuggler go into more detail and provide more example scenarios.  To see these, log in to your account, then click on Online Help Manual (see image below) and then search for “manually applied credit.”


Alternatively, after logging in, go directly to the Manually Applied Payments and Credits help screen here.

As always, customers can contact us directly for assistance.

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