Generate a Class Wait List in ClassJuggler

ClassJuggler has a helpful report tool you’ll want to learn to use: the Class Wait List. This report prints a handy list of enrollees for a selected class or for a group of classes.

By default, the Class Wait List includes class name, class ID, classroom, begin and end dates, mini-schedule, session/group, instructors, schedule description, student: name, age, primary contact name and phone number, group, registration info, class enrollment info, waiting list date, and wait list comments.

Here’s how to make one:

There are two ways to run this report. Either way, you’ll want to go ahead and log in to your ClassJuggler account and then navigate to reports:


  • The first way, shown in Figure 1 below, is by selecting a specific class to report on:


  • The second way, show in Figure 2, is to choose to view all classes that match one of the four class status options:


Either way, it starts like this:

  1. Select a report type.
  2. If you chose to report on a single class, select a class from the pop-up class listing by clicking the Select button. (You can view the Select a Class help page for more information on using the class selector pop-up.)
  3. Click Generate Report to create your report.

It’s that simple. However, here are some optional extra steps you can take to finesse the results.

When reporting on multiple classes:

  • Enter a search string to select classes in a particular session or group that begins with the string of characters you enter.
  • Enter a search string to select a set of classes whose names begin with the same string of characters.
  • Select a class day to limit the list of classes.
  • Or select all days for all classes or “open” for only classes with open class schedules.
  • Select “any time” for the class or choose a specific time range, when reporting on multiple classes, by unselecting the “any time” checkbox.
  • Select to see totals & subtotals for students on waiting lists.

To see report selectors and other options with this tool, see the full article on this feature in our online help, which you can find here:


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