About ClassJuggler

ClassJuggler is the premiere cloud-based business management tool used by dance studios, gymnastics schools, swim schools, tennis camps, cheer camps, martial arts dojos, and K-12 academics schools. Find the ClassJuggler that’s right for your school:


Since 2004, ClassJuggler’s online software for schools has supported the unique business management needs of those who own and operate dance schools, academics centers, musical training schools, gymnastics classes, martial arts dojos, tennis clubs, fitness centers, athletics programs, cheerleading schools, and any other business that manages classes, customers, and students. ClassJuggler today helps increase business capabilities with such features such as online class scheduling, online billing, payments, instructor management, reporting, and more.

How ClassJuggler Works

ClassJuggler serves as your school’s “back-end” system, simplifying the business of running a school. Our intelligent Web-based systems are continuously improving, so you get ever-better business intelligence, business control, and business efficiencies without the hassle of software downloads.

ClassJuggler expands your school’s business capabilities with robust yet easy-to-use features. You get online class scheduling, student management, parent accounts management, billing, instructor management, business intelligence reporting, and customer self-service tools such as online bill pay and class sign-up. See more ClassJuggler tools and features.

General Information

ClassJuggler is a registered U.S. corporation, serving businesses throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. Learn more at www.classjuggler.com or call us at (866) 214-6128.

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