ClassJuggler’s New Features and Enhancements

We have exciting news for our current customers that use big announcementthe Customer Self-Service Center feature. The release tonight of ClassJuggler version 6.4.1 introduces several exciting and requested enhancements to our Customer Self-Service Center.  And, as always, ClassJuggler upgrades for our users are totally free and require no computer installation to take access the new features.

New Feature: Pending Enrollments in Capacity Checks & Pending Buffers

Some of the most anticipated features we’ve added to this release are enhancements to how ClassJuggler calculates class capacities for online class shopping orders. Essentially, this enhancement gives you the option to add all pending enrollments (classes in an order before they are processed) to the capacity checks of a class.

How it works: Let’s say you have a class with a capacity of 10 students, and you currently have six students enrolled. Then, during an open enrollment period, four customers check-out of your online ClassJuggler-powered Self-Service Center with that class in their shopping cart. If you enable the new “Pending Enrollments in Capacity Checks” option, the class will now be considered full even if you have not yet approved any of the incoming orders.

This prevents class over-booking – especially  helpful in situations where you simply cannot review and process orders fast enough. With this new feature, you’ll eliminate over-capacity problems.

These class capacity enhancements are also available in the free Real-Time Class Listings feature, but you’ll need to regenerate the code for your Web site to enable this feature – something we can help you with individually via ClassJuggler customer service options or in an upcoming webinar. The options are set individually for each class store or each real-time class listing you design.

New option: add a “Pending Enrollment Buffer” to the pending enrollment counts

This new option that allows you to add a “Pending Enrollment Buffer” to each class’s pending enrollment counts.

Think of it as a safety net that kicks in when people are signing up for one of your open classes online and it’s filling up. The feature lets you intentionally go over capacity to make room for waiting lists, or make room for possible cancelations you anticipate from online orders.

Example: Let’s say you have a class with a capacity of 10 students. You set up your online class signup “store” to include pending enrollments in capacity checks and allow for a buffer of, say, two pending enrollments. If you already have six students enrolled and, during an open enrollment period, four customers “check out” of the Self-Service Center with that class in their shopping cart, the class will still show as open and available until two enrollments over 10 are received.

New option: Verify customer payment status before checkout

When you’re setting up a class to go into your online customer self-service center, you’ll now be able to choose (under the Online Shopping Page configuration tab) to have ClassJuggler’s software run a verification check before they can check out to make sure the customer has paid off their current balance due.

Change to the display of classes that are full

Another important change to the behavior of the Customer Self-Service Center is the option for you to display FULL classes, so they still show up online, but cannot be added to the customer’s shopping.

Before the ClassJuggler upgrade, even a class filled to capacity would allow additional orders. Now, with the new pending enrollments features, full classes will no longer accept additional enrollment orders. The class will still be displayed to a customers, if you chose to display classes that are full, but the customer will not be able to add the class to their cart.

This is just a summary of selected items from the full release. You can get the complete release notes on the HOME BASE page after you log in to ClassJuggler.

We also plan to have a webinar or two to introduce these new features to our current customers. Stay tuned…. Thumbs up

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