Why You Should Be Using YouTube to Promote Your School

Looking for a great way to promote your business? Use YouTube! Here’s why and how…

If your business is a music school, a dance studio, a gymnastics school, a cheerleading camp, an YouTubeacting school, a martial arts dojo, a private K-12 school, or tennis school, one of the best ways to promote your business, and build customer loyalty, is to publicly post videos of class sessions, recitals, performances, and competitions. 

Why your school should use YouTube

If yours is the kind of school or studio that ClassJuggler supports, your business is a natural to benefit from video promotions. Here’s why:

  • Video can build customer loyalty.
    Your current students and their parents, like all people, love watching videos of themselves and their family members. When you post video of little Sally’s first floor routine, you can bet that she and her family will be tickled pink, and they will be grateful to you for it.
  • The video channel extends your brand.
    By creating a YouTube “channel” – a collection of videos of your school and your students’ performances – and linking to that channel from your studio’s website, you give potential customers a whole new, multi-dimensional view into your business. They can see what you do, see the results of your teaching, and can envision themselves or their own child doing it.
  • Videos generate viral marketing.
    Viral marketing means that others are excited about something you have posted online and are sharing this with others. Video is ideal material for viral marketing. Your students and their parents effectively become your marketing team, sharing the YouTube videos you have posted to their friends and relatives, doing advertising work for you.
  • It is inherently easy for your kind of school!
    One of the hardest things for most people to come up with when creating video content is the content itself. But if you have a school related to the arts or physical skills (dance, gymnastics, theater, martial arts, etc.), your content already exists! Think about how naturally, dynamically interesting it is to watch your students and instructors developing or expressing their talents, putting on a show, and competing. It’s colorful, it’s active – it’s inherently GOOD content! Just start recording video and you are on your way.
  • It’s good for search engine optimization.
    One thing that every business can benefit from is good, clean “backlinks” to their site, and your YouTube channel is the perfect way to boost the number of links that go to your website. Not only from the YouTube channel description of your business (with links to your website) but with every post description, you can link back to your website or even to the link of a specific class related to the video post. More backlinks boost your significance in Google’s algorithms, causing you to show up higher in search results.

See ClassJuggler clients’ YouTube channels

Several dozen of our ClassJuggler clients have their own YouTube channel where they post videos of what their school and students are doing. For example:

Thinking about creating a YouTube channel for your school? Good idea!

If you’re not sure how, stay tuned – will be posting a YouTube channel how-to article shortly to help you get started. Meanwhile, check out our own ClassJuggler YouTube channel and subscribe to updates.ClassJuggler-youtube


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