In-the-Cloud Business Resources Guide for Dojos and Swim Schools

Here Are Some Valuable Web Resources for Your Martial Arts School or Swim School

We see lots of great publications and online resources while working with our clients, which includes swim school owners and dojo owners and operators. We are sharing a few of these. Many of the links have great articles, tips, discounts, and more, specifically of interest to swim class operators or martial arts school owners.

imageWeb Resources for Dojos

      • USA Dojo – A large resource site with a variety of martial arts topics and information
      • – Contains a variety of resource links for many MA disciplines

Do you have a favorite martial arts site that you’ve found useful? If so, tell us about it and we can share it with your fellow dojo owners.

Web Resources for Swim Schools image

  • USA Swimming – The National Governing Body for the sport of swimming in the United States, USA Swimming has a variety of educational resources.
  • Swimming World – Videos, competition coverage, online magazine and more.
  • American Swimming Coaches Org. – ASCA develops and supports professional coaches through its online resources, job listings, and professional training.

Do you have a favorite swim site that you’ve found useful as a school owner or coach? If so, tell us about it and we can share it with your fellow swim school owners.

Business Software for Swim Schools and Dojos

If you don’t already know about ClassJuggler Dojo, the premiere cloud-based software for martial arts schools and Swim ClassJuggler – the leading online software for swim schools, you should.

ClassJuggler’s online business software for class-based businesses saves business owners tons of time and money on the business of running their business, so they can focus on their students.

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