Forget your ClassJuggler password? No problem!

The number-one customer support request we receive at ClassJuggler is, “Help, I forgot my password!”

The good news is that forgotten passwords, and general password help is a common support question, common enough that ClassJuggler was built to make it easy for you to fix.

In fact, recent customer service survey revealed that about one of every four survey respondents forgot at least 1 password daily!

Losing or forgetting your password can be a big frustration, but to fix the problem in ClassJuggler, simply and click the “FORGOT PASSWORD” option on the ClassJuggler login screen:


That sends you to this page, where you enter your User ID and click RESET MY PASSWORD.:


This resets your password, and e-mails you a new temporary password at the email address associated with the ID. You’ll need to change the temporary password immediately upon sign-in.

Important: the ClassJuggler support staff cannot see your password for security purposes, We can only guide you to reset your password.

If you need more help after following these steps, contact us!

if you’re not using ClassJuggler yet, check out the one that matches your business:

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