Second-most common customer support question (Drumroll please)

See our earlier post on the number-one support request, and here is 2nd-most common request: “How do I add a picture to an email template?”

Maybe you didn’t even know that ClassJuggler’s e-mail features allow for this, but yes: adding a picture to your email template is simple. Here’s how.

  1. Make sure the picture you want to include is publicly available on the Internet; i.e., on a Web server, or in a file sharing service like DropBox, Google Drive, PogoPlug or similar
  2. Make sure that web image is NOT password protected.
  3. Get the image’s internet address (also known as its URL), which you’ll use in email templates to “point” to the picture. In other words, you don’t actually copy it physically into the email template. Its the same method Constant Contact and MailChimp uses. You can easily get the address of most images from Web pages by right-clicking on them.
  4. To add the image to your template,click on the little “image” icon from the template editor toolbar:

There, you’ll enter the image’s web address. That’s it!

For example, to use the ClassJuggler logo from our website into a template, you’d use this address:

Paste that into the Image editor dialog box, and suddenly our logo shows up in the template. Use the same process to add your company logo, Facebook button, pictures of your students or anything else you can imagine.

If you need more help after following these steps, contact us!

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