Get the most from the “Customer Self Service Center Monitor” tool!

While the Self-Service Monitor feature isn’t hidden in ClassJuggler, it’s often overlooked or under-utilized. This short article helps you get the most from it.

The Self-Service Monitor helps you track all activities of your customers (usually the parents of your students) as they register and use the Customer Self-Service Center.

You’ll find this ClassJuggler power tool under your TOOLS menu:


You can see every step each customer took throughout your Self Service Center.

This can be extremely helpful in situations like: “I tried to make a payment but I’m not sure if it went through.”

By searching for that customer’s name in the Self-Service Monitor, you can see in a flash exactly where they left off and if a payment was processed. Just as easily, you can see every other action they made during their session. 

The Self-Service Monitor tool is available in all our school software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

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