Use the Registration Manager to mass-expire student registrations

Do you have a specific Student group in which you want the registrations to all expire on the same day? Or maybe you want to manually expire all your registrations just before or after your summer sessions. Then it’s time to use your ClassJuggler Registration Manager tool, which allows you to easily mass-expire your student registrations. 

From your TOOLS menu select Registration Manager:


From the Registration Manager screen, you can select a specific end date and a student group. Enter a registration cutoff end date and use the selector to select a group of students you wish to expire registrations.

ClassJuggler then displays the number of students that would be affected by the date you select. Clicking on the “Expire” button will then automatically expire all affected student registrations:


The Registration Manager feature is available in all our school management software offerings, including:

Any questions remaining? Simply contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it. 

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