The New ClassJuggler Is Here!

In case you haven’t heard, a plethora of improvements are now live at Among the new features in our September release are:

  • Class > eMail Multiple Classes – This new feature lets you select one or many classes to email. Each class will be evaluated for enrollees, duplicate enrollees will be removed, and then the parent (customer) account and secondary contacts (if provided) will be emailed the selected email template. The customer Communications Tracker will also log these emails with all details of the classes selected.
  • Tools > Mass Delete Classes – This new tool allows you to select one or more expired, canceled, or inactive classes for mass deletion.
  • Reports > Financial > Deposit Summary – This new report makes generating a daily or monthly deposit summary list simple. These summary reports can be used for deposits to your bank for cash and checks, and will be extremely useful allowing you to easily reconcile ClassJuggler with your bank and merchant account statements and your accounting software

Some notable enhancements to existing features include:

  • Customer > Transactions > Input Charge – We’ve added a new button to the Input Charge screen to allow for payment collection immediately after creating a new charge. We wonder why we waited so long to add this simple enhancement?
  • Customer Transactions – You’ll find updated the credit card indicator icon from the old [c] icon to a modern credit card icon. This new icon make it much easier to determine credit card transactions.
  • Customer > Communications Tracker – There’s new tracker items for customers included in a mass emailing multiple classes.
  • Customer > Maintenance Page 2 – Notice the modified listing of policies and agreements to display the text “MAN” and “OPT” to differentiate mandatory and optional policies. The answers for optional polices are displayed as “Yes” or “No” just before the title of the policy.
  • Customer > Policy and Agreement Management – On the edit screen for policies, the mandatory and optional type of each acknowledged policy Ð and the optional answer Ð is now displayed under each policy where the “date added” is displayed. Added a date picker to the pop-up window when adding a new policy to a customer. If the policy is optional, you now must select to agree or not agree to the added policy, based on your customer’s wishes.
  • Class > List Classes – Greatly improved the sorting of class information presented in this report. By default, the listing will show classes sorted by the primary sort option and then day of week and start time Ð for example, when selecting class name it will sort by “class name, then day and start time”. The only exception to this rule is for the sort option “Day, time, name” which sorts first by day and time, then by name. Eliminated the sort option “Begin Time (special)” which was an old workaround to the sorting issue by day and time. (thanks to many suggestions from our clients)
  • Events > List Scheduled Events – Improved the speed of the list scheduled events and calendar of scheduled events screens by over 460%.
  • Events > Enroll Existing Student – Updated policies functionality to include new optional policies.
  • Tools > Self-Service Manager – Made settings for all credit card types “on” by default for new client setup. Added more robust and useful default messages for the sign-in page and My Messages page. This also includes a prompt to customize this boilerplate text.
  • Tools > Inactive Record Manager – Updated this screen to include a date picker button and modified the confirmation to show on a screen of its own for easier processing. Also re-wrote the help page to include much more information on how the tool works and instructions for backing up your data prior to running the tool.
  • Customer Self-Service: My Information – The Policies & Agreements screen now shows the status and response of policies so that mandatory and optional policies will have correct identification. Acknowledged policies will also be displayed in most recent agreed order by family, and then by child names for student policies.

That’s not all! – There are over 40 updates in this release. To get even more information on the new release and what’s changed, you can peruse the full “Change Log” notes, which you’ll find on your Home Base screen after you log in to your ClassJuggler account:

change log

Here, you will find all of the details on each and every new feature, enhancement, and bug fix. In fact, you may even see your own name listed beside one of the features or fixes if you suggested it to us!

These improvements affect our customers who are using any of these ClassJuggler products:

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