Gain quick access to all your customer’s communications

The ClassJuggler Customer Communications Tracker screen allows your school’s assigned administrators to view, create, and manage customer communications for all  activities related to a customer either generated in ClassJuggler or elsewhere.

Much like expensive customer CRM (customer relationship management) software solutions, the included ClassJuggler customer communications tracker helps you see all of the touch points for each of your customers.

How the Customer Communications Tracker helps you run your business:

Tracking all communication with your customers can be important during a dispute. For example: “Hey, I never got an an account statement (or late payment notice, or other reminder) from your school!”

The communication tracker is especially helpful when you have several administrative users. For example, a front desk administrator may have a conversation on the phone with a client who asks about a certain class, and then creates an entry on that customer’s account with all of the information from that call. This could help you, the owner, or an instructor, if you need to know if an important topic was discussed with a customer.

Types of Tracking Records

There are a 31 total types of communications the tool tracks for each customer (and retains for 2 years from the date of entry). 23 of these are generated automatically when you perform various actions, like:

  • Sending a mass email
  • Texting all parents of a certain class
  • Emailing an account statement to a single customer.

…and many more. Here is a handful of the communications ClassJuggler tracks (get the full list here):

  • Forgotten password email sent to customer via the Customer Self-Service Center sign-in screen
  • Customer Self-Service Center thank you email sent to a customer that self-registers
  • Customer Self-Service Center online order item completed by an administrator
  • Customer Self-Service Center online order item added to a wait list by an administrator
  • Invoice email sent to all customers from a selected invoice billing cycle
  • Invoice email sent to an individual customer from a selected invoice
  • Account statement sent to all customers from the billing cycle tool
  • Account statement sent to an individual customer from their transactions screen
  • Payment receipt sent to customers with successful payments after running a batch payment billing cycle
  • Customer class enrollment confirmation statement
  • Mass email sent to customers

There are also 8 types of communications you can manually log for customers,things like:

  • Incoming or outgoing phone calls
  • Emails sent or received outside of ClassJuggler

Accessing the Customer Communication Tracker

When logged into ClassJuggler, within the Customer section, you’ll see the Customer Communication Tracker in your left navigation when you are looking at an individual customer’s screen:


The Customer Communication Tracker Screen

The main Communication Tracker screen allows you to see all communication activity for a specific customer and the exact time they were created. You can also filter the list by type of communication or by status. Here’s an example:

Figure 1 – viewing communication activity for a customer

Enter our Communications Tracker Contest!

If you get a chance to use the communications tracker by Apr. 20, 2016, we want to hear how this new tool has helped your business. And as a thank you for your feedback, we are giving three lucky entrants a chance to win a $50 Target® gift card. Read about the contest here.

Learn more:

To learn the key features of the Customer Communication Tracker, and how to use them, sign in to your ClassJuggler account, and go to the ClassJuggler help screen for the tracker.


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