Creating New Communication Entries

Customer Communications Tracker 101: How to manually enter customer info

As mentioned in our previous blog, ClassJuggler’s Customer Communications Tracker will create all of the tracking records for communication activities that are auto-generated. But for all other communications, like incoming or outgoing phone calls, external emails, packages sent/received, and others, you can optionally add your own tracker records – useful for connecting front-desk activities with your customer records in ClassJuggler.

Once you are in the Customer Communications Tracker, just click the “Add New Communication Entry” button, which takes you to a blank form screen where you can select the type of item you want to track, and then enter details of that customer communication:

Figure 1- Adding a new customer communication tracker record

With each new record you add, ClassJuggler sets the date and time for you. But if you are noting a customer call or discussion from an earlier time, simply change the date or time of the tracker entry to when the communication activity actually occurred.

To learn the key features of the Customer Communication Tracker, and how to use them, sign in to your ClassJuggler account, and go to the ClassJuggler help screen for the tracker. Or contact us and we can answer your questions or walk you through it.

Enter our Communications Tracker Contest

If you use the communications tracker by Apr. 20, 2016, we want to hear how this new tool has helped your business. To thank you for your feedback, we are giving three lucky entrants a chance to win a $50 Target® gift card. Read how to enter the contest here.

Learn more about ClassJuggler:

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