The Winning Feature: ClassJuggler’s Communications Tracker

We’re grateful for the customer feedback you give us on ClassJuggler’s software for dance schools, swim schools, gymnastics schools, and other class-based businesses. Your feedback helps us continually improve existing features and develop the ideal new product features for your school.

With the recent launch of our new Communications Tracker feature, the feedback is coming in, and it’s clear that those of you who’ve checked it out are finding it very useful. Here are some examples.

“The communication tracker has highly benefited Jungle Bus Gymnastics. We are able to see what we sent each customers (and when) . It is very detailed,, and we are even able to input certain information for our records… We are able to explain each correspondence to each of our customers.”  Christina Jodoin of Jungle Bus Gymnastics in Lincoln, RI

And this one:

“The communication tracker has helped me prove to a costumer that they are getting all of the emails I send rather than ‘only some’ that they claim. It’s very helpful.” Amy Forde of Let’s Dance in Mauldin, SC 

And another:

Sometimes forget whether or not I returned someone’s call or email… This will be a nice and easy one-step way to verify if I did indeed get back to someone. I like that we can also add new tracks to keep organized. This will also help for those times that my emails are sometimes sent to some customers spams boxes. I will have proof that I actually sent it and won’t have to overload my email with past emails that will probably never be read again. It takes up a lot of space.”  Alicia Shurtleff of Kidz In Motion in Ozona, FL

If you’re a customer and not yet using the Communications Tracker, these testimonials explain why you should check it out. Read more on Gain quick access to all your customer’s communications and Customer Communications Tracker 101: How to manually enter customer info.

And if you’re not yet a ClassJuggler customer, you should know that ClassJuggler is an affordable cloud-based customer and class management solution for class-based and schedule-based businesses. ClassJuggler is packed with features to simplify how you run your business, such as class scheduling, student/family/instructor management, robust email tools, easy-yet-powerful reporting tools, invoicing, online bill pay & customer self-service, free online/phone support, & tons more. Sign up today: first 30 days free!

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