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The easy way to get your school ready for tax season

If the thought of tax season furrows your brow, you’ll be relieved to know that, as a ClassJuggler customer, you can simplify the process by using our financial reports for schools to get the information you need.

ClassJuggler is chockfull of reports (more than 50!) for just about any aspect of your business, including two  for monthly bookkeeping and tax prep:

  • The Company Billing report
  • The Customer Payments report

How you do your accounting for your business – accrual vs. cash-based accounting – will determine which of these reports you’ll run most often.  Where you’ll find these reports in ClassJuggler:

financial reports

Here are some tips and details on these reports and how they can help you at tax time:

Company Billing – Use this report for ACCRUAL based accounting. This report provides you with a list of charges you have posted in a particular period of time (which you can specify). The report only shows what you have posted in charges, and not what has been paid or not paid by your customers, which makes this your go-to report if you use accrual-based accounting for your bookkeeping.

If you logged $1,000 in tuition and $200 in merchandise in the month you are reporting, this report would display the details of those charges and show a net amount of $1,200.00 of income.

Customer Payments

Use this report for CASH based accounting. It shows you exactly how much money you received/earned in the time period you select for the report, based on those payments being received.

customer payments

If you posted $1,000 in tuition plus $200 in merchandise in the month you are reporting, but you only received payments on $900.00 of those charges, this report would display a net amount of $900.00 of income.

Need more information on these reports? Get more and examples for each in our robust “Online Help Manual,” which you’ll find in the green Help & Links Menu found at the bottom left of every screen in ClassJuggler.

You can also contact us for personalized support.

Feature Highlight: Connect With Customers via Text

Have you tried ClassJuggler’s built-in texting tool? This highly customizable tool makes it easy to get timely messages to all or a subset of your customers.

And here’s some extra good news; while some of our competitors charge per message for their clients to use their messaging tool, the ClassJuggler messaging tool is totally free to any client, no matter how many students you have! This happens when the competitor is using a 3rd party to provide the text service, which adds not only cost but the complexity of having two vendors to deal with, rather than the convenience of working with a class-based business software provider like ClassJuggler.

Parent/Student Text Messaging Benefitstext-hand - LOW

Text messaging is especially useful to you as a school owner or manager when you need to get a special, time-sensitive message to your customers or students. While many of your customers won’t check their e-mail regularly, it’s hard for them to miss an incoming text message to their smart phone.

Here are some examples of the kind of message that can benefit from the ‘push” of SMS messaging:

  • A sudden schedule change (such as a weather-related closure or unexpected schedule adjustment)
  • An important reminder (“Don’t forget to bring your costume tonight”)
  • A message to select parents (late payment notice, class-specific parent meeting, etc.)

Customize your message recipient list for primo customer service

Don’t you hate getting a text message that doesn’t apply to you? That’s why your customers will appreciate the fact that you can filter your text message recipient list by certain attributes so that it only goes to the right audience for the communication.

For example, you can specify that a particular message be delivered only to:

  • Students or parents of a specific class
  • Classes the meet on a certain day or date
  • Customers who have been with your school for X number of years
  • Active students
  • Parents whose children attend a singe class

ClassJuggler’s text messaging tool allows you to pinpoint your audience, which makes your messages more likely to be appreciated. 

For example, we mentioned targeting only parents whose children attend a singe class with a text message. You do this simply by selecting the class you want to work with, then choosing Send Class SMS Text from the Class menu: 


This let’s you or your admin target only those parent of classes affected on a particular day.

How to send an SMS text message from your school to customers

To get the full scoop on the handy ClassJuggler SMS Messaging tool:

  • Look for it here within ClassJuggler after you log in:
    sms text path
  • Take the next SMS Messaging webinar when one is scheduled.
  • Use our robust ClassJuggler Help to learn about SMS Messaging.

Not a ClassJuggler client yet? Learn about how our ClassJuggler products can help your school to run efficiently:

Or simply contact us directly and we can answer your questions.