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An Often Overlooked Trick to Get Web Traffic Using Your Social Media Sites

In a recent article, we discussed the importance of putting a link on your studio’s website to your studio’s social media sites. But don’t forget to look at it the other way around.

For instance, let’s say a potential client is looking for information about your studio from a search engine and clicks on a link in the search results to your social media site, will they will easily be able to navigate their way from your social site to your website? The answer is, YES – but only if you take advantage of this one simple opportunity: back-linking.

With many popular social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, you have the opportunity as a business owner to create an About page (see example from Facebook in the image below) or other kind of info text block on the social site. clip_image001

The good news: We see that many of you are already taking advantage of this to put information about your business but, surprisingly, are not providing a link back to their website.

Make sure you take advantage of this About Us block of space by including the web address of your business.

If you have questions, contact us.

Marketing Tip: Connect Your Website to Your Social Media Sites!

Here’s a quick marketing tip for your studio’s website – one that will also help you connect better with your customers.

As part of getting to know our ClassJuggler clients better, we’ve been researching your businesses online via your websites. The information you post about your business helps us to accurately represent you when we feature you on our social media pages as our Customer of the Week feature.  While doing this, we’ve noticed that many of you who have not only a business website but also social media sites (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) do not mention your social media sites on your school’s website.  link-biz-2socmediaIf you don’t let your website visitors know about your social media sites, you’re missing a grand opportunity.

Whether you put links to your social sites simply in the text of your website’s About page or, even better, put icons that show up on every page (see example to the right from the ClassJuggler site), it’s valuable to put this information somewhere.

Your social sites are not just useful for increasing backlinks to your site (which can boost your search engine results page position) but are also a great way to connect to your students and parents. So, make sure they know about your presence on social sites from your website — the place they will likely use first to find your business!