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Improvements in Tuition Charge Descriptions

As part of our recent automatic (and no-charge) ClassJuggler upgrade, which included a whopping 60 updates/improvements, the Class Enrollment feature got an upgrade.

What’s new for ClassJuggler’s class enrollment tool

On student or class screens, class enrollment now gives you bonus descriptive information when you hover with your computer cursor over the description of these charges on the Customer Transaction screen. Now, an additional description appears when “mousing over” the charge description for prorated or modified class tuition at the time of enrollment.

This new description works much like the Post Tuition descriptions, but also factors in:

  • The initial posted amount
  • How the amount may or may not differ from the selected rate, calculated rate, or the first month posted fee

This feature will help you identify override amounts entered by administrators compared to the original amount that was selected and/or calculated by prorating.

You’ll find that this feature also helps you in calculating actual days a class is held for monthly and per class fee classes when looking at payroll needs for instructors.

You’ll find these improvements for all our products, including:

Franchiser FUN BUS Partners With ClassJuggler

FUN BUS Franchises Nationwide to Use ClassJuggler Business Management Software

We’re pleased to announce that ClassJuggler has just added FUN BUS to its roster of franchise businesses that are using ClassJuggler as the business management software for its franchisees throughout the country. imageFUN BUS is a growing and dynamic business, and we look forward to supporting them with our cloud-based software. The nature of their mobile, transformed school buses and fitness-focused franchises makes an always-available online solution such as ClassJuggler a perfect match for them.

We asked Stacey Kimmins, President of FUN BUS, about her decision to choose ClassJuggler. She said, “After our nationwide search for the ideal business management software vendor to meet our needs and those of our individual franchise owners, ClassJuggler emerged as the product with the right user-friendly capabilities,”

She added, “We were also influenced in our decision for ClassJuggler by the company’s reputation for customer service and years of experience working with franchises.”

We hope to further solidify that reputation with the way we engage with the FUN BUS franchise owners.  We’ve been providing such services – to both franchises and individual class-based businesses (such as dance studios, swim schools, cheer/gymnastics schools, and K12 and after-school enrichment programs) – for 10 years  now, We will immediately begin rolling out our service and training to each of the FUN BUS franchises.

More on FUN BUS:

Located throughout the United States, each FUN BUS franchise uses a mobile bus to literally deliver a combination of fun and fitness to schools, parties, and other neighborhood venues. FUN BUS seeks to enhance children’s lives by building self-esteem while perfecting coordination and motor skills in a structured, positive and safe environment.

The Fun Bus interactive fitness program introduces fitness in a fun format for children. FUN BUS offers affordable franchise operations to individuals interested in operating a FUN BUS in their own neighborhood.

If you’re a franchise business owner or franchise operator, learn more about our franchise business software, or contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Jon Koerber, President and CEO, ClassJuggler