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Extreme Trials for ClassJuggler Client Alicia Extreme Dance Academy!

What a response we got from one of our Puerto Rico clients after we recently put out the word in both the September newsletter and October newsletter to all of our ClassJuggler clients that:

  • We had launched a donation matching program for those who would donate to Red Cross to aid victims of the summer hurricanes; and
  • We were offering a 50% discount off our monthly fee to those clients whose businesses were negatively impacted by the hurricanes.

What motivated ClassJuggler’s Jon Koerber to do this?

“I felt we needed to do something to support the needs of the literally millions affected by the record-breaking rains and flooding,” Jon explained. “So many of our own customers in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and Puerto Rico were being directly hurt by facility damage and lost income. So I felt this two-pronged approach – a rate discount and a donation matching program — would not only help the schools we support with ClassJuggler’s software for class-based businesses but would motivate others to give to the Red Cross, who has a reputation for getting support to individuals who need it the most.”

Alicia Extreme Dance Academy’s damages:

As you may know, certain Caribbean islands took the brunt of some of the storms. This proved true for ClassJuggler client Alicia Extreme Dance Academy, who shared their story with us in words and pictures.

“We sincerely hope her story and her photos here will motivate our clients, and anyone who reads this, to dig a little deeper to provide further donations to those we have already heard about and responded to with our matching donations program,” Jon added.

These formerly beautiful wooden floors  at her studio have been thoroughly damaged by the flooding from Hurricane Maria:Wood floor

The next two photos show water damage to the studio’s dance mats:Floor panel damage 1Floor panel damage 2

Ceiling panels throughout the facility were destroyed by rain pouring in through the roof:


The force of hurricane Maria’s Wednesday destroyed critical rooftop utility hardware, ripping them up from their mountings:roof

“Our hearts go out to Alicia and all of her staff and family – and all our other clients affected by the recent spate of hurricanes,” said Jon. “We realize this is a terribly difficult time for them and want them to know that ClassJuggler cares!”

While many of us not affected by the storms have moved on and the news media has found other topics to focus on, clients and individuals in these affected areas continue to struggle with making ends meet, as Alicia’s story shows.

“We are encouraged by the donations our customers have made already, and hope that many more will join in this effort,” Jon Koerber added.

Don’t forget to tell us about it so we can fulfill our 50% match offer. We encourage you to continue to donate by visiting the Red Cross donation website. Please contact us for more information on our relief efforts and how to participate.

To learn more about Alicia Extreme Dance Academy, check out:

To learn more about ClassJuggler, check out:

Dancers: You never fail, until you stop trying

Einstein was not known for his dancing, but these words from him certainly apply to success for dancers, and for dance school owners!

you never fail until you stop trying - DanceClassJuggler.com

A motivating quote to share with your dance students and dance instructors! 

Many dance studios and other class-based businesses rely on ClassJuggler’s web-based business software to manage class scheduling, customer billing, online bill pay, and all other dance school “backend” office matters. 

Bottom line: Our all-in-one online dance studio management software makes customer and dance class management easy!

Learn more about ClassJuggler Dance’s dance studio business software at DanceClassJuggler.com, and how our online dance school software saves time and money on the business of running your business, so you can focus on your students!

Improvements in Tuition Charge Descriptions

As part of our recent automatic (and no-charge) ClassJuggler upgrade, which included a whopping 60 updates/improvements, the Class Enrollment feature got an upgrade.

What’s new for ClassJuggler’s class enrollment tool

On student or class screens, class enrollment now gives you bonus descriptive information when you hover with your computer cursor over the description of these charges on the Customer Transaction screen. Now, an additional description appears when “mousing over” the charge description for prorated or modified class tuition at the time of enrollment.

This new description works much like the Post Tuition descriptions, but also factors in:

  • The initial posted amount
  • How the amount may or may not differ from the selected rate, calculated rate, or the first month posted fee

This feature will help you identify override amounts entered by administrators compared to the original amount that was selected and/or calculated by prorating.

You’ll find that this feature also helps you in calculating actual days a class is held for monthly and per class fee classes when looking at payroll needs for instructors.

You’ll find these improvements for all our products, including:

Business Resources Guide for Dance Studios

Useful Online Information For Your Dance School

We run across many great publications and online resources while working with our clients – dance school owners and operators. We thought it would be fun to share a few of these that you may find useful.

Many of the links below have great articles, tips, discounts, and more, specifically of interest to dance studios. We hope you find them useful for your business.

  • Dance Teacher Magazine – One of the top resources for dancers and dance studio owners.
  • Sharing Dance – Canada – The Sharing Dance Program is a project of Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS), a world leader in the training of professional dancers and teachers. It’s supported by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and Physical and Health Education Canada.
  • Dance Exec – Packed with tons of original articles and resources for dance. Check out some of the articles written by the ClassJuggler staff!
  • San Francisco Ballet – Provides opportunities and tools for educators. Curricular materials incorporate both state and national standards that outline expectations and outcomes for learning in fat_banner-classjugglerthe arts.

If you don’t already know about ClassJuggler Dance, the premiere cloud-based software for dance schools, you should. ClassJuggler’s online dance studio software saves business owners tons of time and money on the business of running their business, so they can focus on their students.

This Makes 10 Years of Service to School Owners

2015 is a big deal for us at ClassJuggler. This January 2015 is our 10-year anniversary of service to the owners of dance schools, cheerleading/gymnastics studios, swim schools, dojos, tennis schools, K-12 academies, and other schools across the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia.Celebrating10Years

We are grateful to you, our customers, for making these 10 years one of significant growth, allowing us to become one of the leading online business management software solutions for schools. 

Some of you came to ClassJuggler as a switch from a competitor’s product. You tell us that ClassJuggler’s ease-of-use, product flexibility, and especially our customer service and support are why you made the switch and why you stay with us. We thank you for your words of praise, and look forward to staying with our process of continual product and service improvements that are based on listening to you, our customers.

Are you not yet a customer? Maybe it’s time for you to find out why we continue to grow. The owners of dance schools, gymnastics, swim schools, dojos, tennis, K-12 education, and other schools across the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia trust their business’s “back Smiling woman using tablet PCoffice” management to the broad range of powerful features and tools that ClassJuggler’s web-based business management software gives them. Our school software is designed to help class-based businesses enjoy streamlined customer billing, class scheduling, staff management, customer communications, and more.

Learn more:

Experience huge increases in productivity, organization, and custumer access

We really value our customer testimonials.  Here’s kudos worth sharing from ClassJuggler client Shelby at Stillwater School of Performing Arts:

“I am a dance studio owner and am very happy with my ClassJuggler! We have been using the software for over a year and have seen a huge increase in productivity, organization, and access to our customers.”

She goes on:

“ClassJuggler is easy to use and, for the more advanced features, their customer service team has always been available (and very patient) to help us learn. Our dance family is growing and ClassJuggler helps us keep up with demand! Thanks ClassJuggler!”

Thank you, Shelby!

To learn more about Stillwater School of Performing Arts, go to http://www.stillwaterschoolofperformingarts.com/.  Or click the following link to learn more about our dance studio software.

Will the software I select deliver on needed efficiencies?

In a recent article, we introduced the five most important questions you need to answer to determine if now is the right time for you to begin using a software product to manage your business. I’ve answered two of those five important questions: “Is my business big enough to benefit from an online studio management software program?” and “Does my studio’s business income justify the cost of business software?” In this article, we look into the question #3:

Will the software I select deliver on needed efficiencies?

Two things you can do to help answer this question:

  • Firmly establish what features you need so you can match the software tools to your business’s needs.
  • Seek the opinion of others using the tools you are considering.

Let’s look at both of these.

Match the business tools to your business

Everyone is naturally going to try to sell you on their business tools by claiming “We’re the best!” So then, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff, and determine which solution is the right and best solution for your business?

First, be aware that the common phrase “You get what you pay for” does not always apply when it comes to business management software. Software products differ dramatically in price, features, ease of use, and customer support.

Step #1 then is to decide what operational efficiencies you seek – bookkeeping? status reports? customer self-service tools? – because not all products will deliver what you need. So, to start your product selection:

  1. Identify your top business needs – Solutions to business problems that a software solution must be able to help you with.
  2. Make a list of your “nice-to-have’s” – Those features a software product may offer that would be handy, but are not deal-breakers for you.

Dividing your list into needs vs. wants will help you choose one product over another. I.e., is having the ability to print an attendance report that takes up half-a-sheet of paper is more important or less important that being able to produce accurate and easy-to-read financial reports at the end of each month?

Take a look at the independent dance studio software comparison site Capterra.  As of this writing, there are over 50 products on that list. But some of those software solutions offer only one or two business management features, such as just bookkeeping, or just class scheduling.

Using the Capterra product comparison site as an example, try checking off all of the features listed in the right Features column that you are looking for:


If you click them all, you will suddenly see that the more-than-50 software products drops to just seven products that include all these features:


Seek the opinion of other customers

Another way to evaluate business management software is by looking at the opinions of others.

Using Capterra as an example once again, take a look at their list of dance school software reviews. Presently, of the 50-plus software providers listed, there are only 10 businesses in which customers have submitted reviews. That should tell you something.

How strong are those reviews, and how many are there? Some products have only three reviews while others have more than 30:


That should also tell you something, as should the nature of the comments themselves. Product reviews are a good way to learn about a product from the perspective of those who use the product.

It is important that you make a smart choice on your initial software purchase because, while you can always switch later, the work involved in doing so can be daunting. Transferring your bookkeeping data, for instance from one software solution to another, may be difficult depending on the data import/export features and functionality each program has.

For this reason, data import capabilities are one of those features you should ask about. Alternatively, ask if the service provider has a data upload service available. This can greatly simplify the business of transferring.

Or, make the right choice from the get-go and you won’t need to worry about transferring data later.

In our next article on this topic, we’ll answer the 4th of the five important questions: Will the studio business management software I choose generate new business?  This is a biggie because, if the features can actually boost sales, then the software can pay for itself!  More later…


Jon Koerber, Pres., ClassJuggler

Making customer management and class management easy - ClassJuggler

PS: When choosing a business software program for your studio, check out our family of products:

  • ClassJuggler Dance – online dance school software that will save you time and money on the business of running your business, so you can focus on your students
  • CheerClassJuggler – online gymnastics and cheer management software to streamline the business of operating your gymnastics school or cheer camp
  • ClassJuggler Dojo – a martial arts school management platform designed to support the operational challenges of businesses such as karate schools, kung fu schools, self-defense courses, mixed martial arts centers, taekwondo training, fencing classes, kickboxing studios, Jeet Kune Do or Jiu-Jitsu schools
  • SwimClassJuggler – online swim school management software supporting the  needs of those who own and operate swimming schools, water rescue classes, life guard schools, and diver training schools
  • MusicClassJuggler – all-in-one online business management tools that make customer, academics, and music class management a breeze for vocal training centers and instrumental music training centers
  • K12ClassJuggler – a management platform that supports the busy schedules of those who own and operate preschools, K-12 education, adult education programs, evening learning schools, night classes, and after-school programs
  • ClassJugglerFitness – slimming down record keeping for athletics schools, fitness centers, spin classes, yoga sessions, and tennis camps

Also, if you are a franchise owner, make sure to check out our franchise management software solutions as well.