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survey-poll_thumb.jpgAs a customer of ClassJuggler Dance, we invite you to let your thoughts be known. This week TutuTix launched their 2018 survey of dance studio software providers, asking questions to studio owners, managers, admins, and instructors. Their answers will help other dance schools understand and evaluate dance studio software, like ClassJuggler, versus the competition.

Take the survey quickly and you can receive a $5 Amazon gift card for being one of the first 1,000 respondents to the survey!   Here’s the link:



Announcement: Drawing Winners

Our Dance ClassJuggler #drawing for a chance to win a Full-Attendee Pass to the August 2-5 Dance Teacher Summit in NYC just ended this past weekend (#Contest rules), and we are happy to announce our three winners, drawn randomly fr those who entered:

  • Karla Mounsteven, who works at Strictly Dance Studio of Georgetown, Ontario, Canada
  • Marcia Sarosik of the Marcia Sarosik Dance Studio/Lake Tahoe’s Shining Stars
  • Ashia Carpenter of Divine Dance Studio of Chattanooga, currently relocating to Georgia
Congratulations to all three of you!

Client: Fun Bus Fitness Fun of Martinsville, New Jersey

Meet Client Fun Bus Fitness Fun on Wheels – A National Franchise System

The Fun Bus is an interactive, mobile fitness program that introduces fitness in a fun format for children. Fun Bus, with its franchisor home offices in New Jersey, and numerous franchises throughout the country, travels to schools, day cares, parties, and special events, literally taking the fun of fitness to the customer.

The Need:

Fun Bus has a growing number of franchise operations throughout the United States. As with any franchise of this nature, the franchisee not only serves the customers in the community but also needs to track its business efforts and report back to the franchise home office. As well, each Fun Bus franchise must keep track of engagements, action 10[7]client information, and much more of the standard “administrivia” that is part of any business.

For Fun Bus, “The franchisees were spending far too much time on registration procedures and documentation, whether for one-time events or ongoing sessions and re-enrollments,” explained Fun Bus president Stacey Kimmins.

“It became increasingly important to free up time for the individual franchise owners so that more of their time would be focused on the quality and growth of their Fun Bus business, not with the administration of the paperwork. That need is primarily what prompted our search for some kind of online business management system that would simplify the business of running the business,” said Kimmins, who has been president for Fun Bus since early 2014.

The Solution: ClassJuggler

“From the beginning of ClassJuggler’s engagement with us, I was impressed by the feedback and responsiveness that’s we experienced, which continued throughout the follow-up and launch phase,” Kimmins said. “ClassJuggler president Jon Koerber has always been responsive and even proactive, communicating follow-up steps or needs to us faster than we could provide it to him! We saw that as a good sign of what doing business with ClassJuggler would be like.”

Responsiveness was an important customer service aspect that FUN BUS sought from a potential vendor, and no wonder: “We had already tried using other business software solutions or providers in the past, but we found the products cumbersome and the provider to be lacking in support when it was needed,” Kimmins said.

action 1“By comparison, ClassJuggler’s president Jon Koerber flew out from the West Coast to meet us in New Jersey for our Annual Franchisee Convention, and he has continued to keep us in the loop with good communications as we worked with him on building our partner portal and configuring it. The willingness of ClassJuggler to do this was a big factor in our decision. This level of commitment to serve really personalized the process and laid a solid foundation for long-term success.”

She added, “That level of commitment was unparalleled among the service providers we investigated. And Jon’s level of involvement was remarkable. It was as though, through Jon, ClassJuggler had become a support team member. Clearly ClassJuggler viewed working with us more like building a partnership than just landing a customer.”

action 13While ClassJuggler’s design meets the needs of individual class-based businesses “as is,” any franchisor will have unique structures or reporting requirements that will require a unique solution. Fortunately, ClassJuggler was ready to do this for FUN BUS, as it has for other franchisors.  As Kimmins explained, “While we found other providers to have solutions that could satisfy our needs on a big scale, the ability to customize for us – to be able to meet our unique business needs –  was a key business requirement for us.”

Strong customer service, not only through responsiveness to our clients’ requests for support but through training, makes ClassJuggler a favorite of schools. Kimmins’ provider search for a new software product confirmed that for FUN BUS: “Beyond customization, we knew that support and training would be big for us, initially and continually. With previous solutions we’d tried, lack of support and insufficient training was a complaint we heard from our franchisees,” she said. “But we experienced an immediate synergy with ClassJuggler owner Jon Koerber – a synergy that singled them out as the right solution. Through Jon, ClassJuggler demonstrated a willingness and ability to adapt with us. While ClassJuggler was already great, Jon understood where we were as a franchise 39439_161210353905584_6511820_n[1]operation: that we are not just another client for the database. Over time, the business relationship we have with ClassJuggler has evolved into what I would call a partnership – a very different experience from simply securing a product.”

If you are a class-based business owner not yet certain which business management software is best for you, here is what, Stacey Kimmins would tell you: “I think you’ll find that ClassJuggler is a large enough business software provider to fill the needs of any class-based business, but you’ll also find them to be responsive and agile,” she said.

“And their ability to customize the product as needed and to support and understand the unique needs of a franchisor made them particularly valuable to FUN BUS.”


Learn more about Fun Bus at To find a FUN BUS in your area, check out the FUN BUS Locations page on their site. Or to learn about FUN BUS’ affordable franchise operations for individuals interested in operating a FUN BUS in their own neighborhood, click on the Franchise Opportunities tab at

Contest winners announced

WE HAVE A WINNERCongratulations to the four winners in our drawing! Each receives a Home Deport gift certificate.

Entry was made possible for filling out our survey about the ClassJuggler newsletter.

The winners:

survey pollThanks to all who did the survey! 
Your input and ideas were very helpful, and will influence our future newsletter content, design, and planning.


Jon Koerber,

Your World Just Got a Bit Sunnier…

ClassJuggler Version 7.1 Released

New from ClassJugglerWe are happy to announce the release of version 7.1.0 of ClassJuggler, which went live late last night while you slept.

And this one’s a whopper: It includes two highly anticipated new features, both requested by you, our customers:

  • The “Future Drop Dates ” feature
  • The “Customer Portal Access Rules” feature

Details on these below. But the new version also includes more than 30 enhancements to existing features plus a variety of bug fixes.

Future Drop Dates feature

This exciting new Future Drop Dates feature frees you up from having to worry about remembering to drop a student from a class at a later date.

Example use: Let’s say that a student is dropping at the end of the month or a parent tells you their child student will be out for the month of July – in fact any time a customer requests to be dropped from a class in the near future. In the past, you’d have to jot it down on a sticky note, or make a calendar reminder. No more!  You can now go into ClassJuggler and schedule that change into the student’s account profile. Done!

Customer Portal Access Rules feature

The much requested Customer Portal Access Rules feature, or “Portal Codes” for short, is here! This feature gives you control over how your families interact with the Customer Portal.

You can now assign Portal Codes to control and restrict access to:

  • New customer registrations
  • Online shopping
  • Access to specific class stores
  • Preventing customers from signing into their accounts

…all unless they have the proper code, which you can privately give them.

Codes can also be set to be active only for a set period of time.

You can create and share codes with specific groups of customers for special enrollments (example – for a class that should only be available to advanced students), for early registrations, and for other special situations.

new version
This article is just a summary of selected items from the full release. For the full scoop, log in and review the Home Base > Change Log and get complete details!

We’ll be updating the online help files soon to reflect these changes. Meanwhile, feel free to contact us with help in using these new tools.

No more pinching or zooming or scrolling!

If you are already a ClassJuggler customer, then, by now, you’ve likely seen some of the big news we hinted to yesterday on our social media sites (ClassJuggler Facebook, Pinterest, full-hand mobile phone view of CJglr newsletterand ClassJuggler Twitter), if you’ve checked your e-mail.

The news: Our just-published May newsletter is now, for the first time ever, mobile-optimized – one you can easily enjoy reading on a mobile browser!

This means no more pinching or scrolling left and right to read it on your smart phone or tablet. Images and text will automatically reformat to fit your screen size.captain piccard best newsletter ever

But don’t just take Captain Piccard’s word for it; Tell us your thoughts for a chance to win! Here’s how: clip_image001[4]

    1. Read the email version of the newsletter.
    2. Take our brief survey to give us your opinion of the new newsletter format.

That’s it; Completing the survey before May 15 midnight automatically enters you into our May 16 drawing.

There are 4 winning prizes, which are randomly drawn: each is a $25 Home Depot gift certificate. Will notify you by email if you win.

It’s a great issue, by the way, based even on just the content. In it, you will find:

  • Info about the new newsletter format
  • Our upcoming cool features for you in the next ClassJuggler release
  • Info on 2 new webinars for the month of May

Read it in your email inbox or online here.

Have you tried our communications tracker yet?

If you are new to feature-rich ClassJuggler, here’s a cool tool you may not have discovered yet: The ClassJuggler Customer Communications Tracker.

The Customer Communications Tracker allows an administrator at your business to view, create, and manage customer communications or touch points for all of the activities related to a customer, whether generated in ClassJuggler or even elsewhere.

Much like expensive customer CRM software (customer relationship management), the ClassJuggler Customer Communications Tracker helps you see all of the touch points for each of your customers.

Tracking all communication with your customers can be important during a dispute, where a customer may claim they were never sent an account statement, late payment notice, or other reminder. Communication entries in ClassJuggler provide an audit trail. They are are retained by the system for 2 years from the date of entry.

We asked for our ClassJuggler users what they think of the Communications Tracker and how it has helped them run their business. They say great things!

Alicia Shurtlef, Owner of Kidz in Motion of Rhode Island is a ClassJuggler user for more than 6 years. She said, “I’m very excited about this feature. Sometimes forget whether or not I returned someone’s call or email. Sometimes it’s an easy process to figure out but usually when I question if I contacted a customer it’s because I have received multiple emails or calls that day. This will be a nice and easy one step way to verify if I did indeed get back to someone.”

Alyssa added, “I like that we can also add new tracks to keep organized. This will also help for those times that my emails are sometimes sent to some customers spams boxes. I will have proof that I actually sent it and won’t have to overload my email with past emails that will probably never be read again. It takes up a lot of space.”

Business owner Amy Forde of Let’s Dance school in South Carolina – a ClassJuggler user for more than 14 years! – Had this to say about the tracker: “The communication tracker has helped me prove to a costumer that they are getting all of the emails I send rather than ‘only some’ that they claim. It’s very helpful!”

We also heard from Christina Jodoin, an Admin with Jungle Bus Gymnastics, FL and a ClassJuggler user for 2 years. She said this: “The communication tracker has highly benefited the Jungle Bus Gymnastics. We are able to see what and when we sent each customers. It is very detailed and we are even able to input certain information for our records. It has kept our customers more detailed with information and are able to explain each correspondence to each of our customers. Thank you again for providing this service to us.”

The Customer Communications Tracker tool is available in all our ClassJuggler products, including:

    if you have questions about this cool tool, contact us and we can answer your question or walk you through it.